Father Wounds Course

Have you ever thought of how not having a father has affected you? Or maybe your father was around but he was emotionally absent. 

There is a crisis in America. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 19.7 million children, more than 1 in 4, live without a father in the home. Consequently, there is a “father factor” in nearly all of the societal ills facing America today. Research shows when a child is raised in a father-absent home, he or she is affected in the following ways… Source: 2017. U.S. Census Burau. Data represent children living without a biological, step, or adoptive father.

The US Depart of Justice states that children from fatherless homes account for:

Suicide: 63% of youth suicide

Runaways: 90% of all homeless and runaway youth

Behavioral Disorders: 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders

High School Dropouts:71% of all high school drop outs

Juvenile Detention Rates: 70% of juveniles in state- operated institutions

Substance Abuse: 75% adolescent patients in substance abuse

Aggression: 75% of rapists motivated by anger

The above statistics are very sad and alarming, in some cultures the stats are even worse. 57.6% of black children, 31.2% of Hispanic children, 20.7% of white children are living with absent from their biological fathers. Source: Family Structure and Children’s Living Arrangements 2013 Current Population Report. U.S. Census Bureau July 1, 2012.

Several people in ministry and those in leadership positions carry these wounds. This type of wound will hinder your relationship with God. It hinders your ability to hear and receive the word. Broken and wounded people only, produce more wounded and broken people.

It’s time to take off the band- aid. It’s time to let the festering wound heal. It’s time to be free and be who God has truly called you to be.

In this course, you will discover how these wounds happened, how to heal from these wounds and how to have breakthrough.

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