New Books By Danielle Bedford

The last year, I have been busy working with the Lord on several projects. A woman at my church prophesied that I would write a book. The Lord had been talking to me about it, but I didn’t know how to start the process, so I had put this dream aside.

I first started out doing E-books which is a verily easy process. But to make a book required money for publishing and creating a cover. I also wasn’t sure if I had enough content to put in a book.

Fast forward to February 2023, I went to Life Surge. Life Surge is a Christian Event that teaches you how to be a Christian Entrepreneur. They speak about How to Write a Book, Coaching, Creating E-Courses, and How to be a Speaker.

Their programs were a little too pricey for me, but I was able to glean some information from going to this free event. The good news is that they prayed for you at the event. I came home and was on fire. I just finished writing my 8th book. All books are under $16.00.

You can check them out here from Amazon.

Daily Walks With God Devotional: What I Learned Along The Way

Seasons, Reflections of My Youth: Original Poems, Testimony of My Life In Christ

Heart of A Worshipper

Qualities of A Godly Leader

The Kingdom Of God

The Kingdom Of God, Volume I

The Kingdom Of God, Volume II

The Kingdom Of God, Volume III


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